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The (Almost) Brickyard Flash Dance Party/Rave

On Sunday night around midnight, several thousand NC State students converged on the Brickyard for a Flash dance party/rave which spread via word of mouth and Facebook. It was quickly shut down by Campus Police, citing a lack of permits.

The point at which it changed from rave to mob was when this red truck blasting some tunes attempted to make up for the loss in music. Campus Police were quick to keep people back and escort the truck out of the crowd.

While sound couldn’t be heard via an amplifier and speakers, many in the crowd brought their own beats.

Road cones and barrels made quick targets for those upset that the party wouldn’t go on.

The barrels the sole casualty of this rave turned mob.

By the time the crowd reached the Bell Tower, the RPD had arrived to form a wall in front of the new roundabout to contain the crowd.

Considering how spontaneous the event was and the size of the crowd, both the Campus Police and RPD acted in a professional manner. Most realized that the decision to prohibit the gathering likely wasn’t made by law enforcement personnel.

After gathering, chanting, and dancing for around half an hour or so at the Bell Tower, most of the crowd dispersed. Students have a lot of pent up energy this time of year, and it’s kind of sad they were shut down. Maybe next time the organizer will get a permit–but that may defeat the point of a “rave”, right?

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