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Throwback Thursday — Moving the Garland Tucker House


Person Street is home to several stately homes, but one in particular wasn’t always on Person Street. The Garland Tucker house at 414 N. Person Street once sat precisely one block west at 420 N. Blount Street. With all of the growth downtown over the past few years, there has been an increased interest in Raleigh’s older architecture — specifically what we’ve lost.

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You Are Invited to Explore ‘Lost Raleigh’ This Wednesday!

N_73_11_58 Park Hote_toned

The City of Raleigh Museum will host Goodnight Raleigh’s publisher and history editor, Raleigh Boy, this week for a photo presentation on Raleigh’s lost architectural treasures. The event will take place at the COR Museum, 220 Fayetteville St., Wednesday, March 11, at 7.00 pm in the museum’s gallery. Admission is free.

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Join GNR this Weekend for a Behind the Scenes, Restoration in Progress Tour!


Have you ever wondered what goes on during the meticulous process of restoration of a historic building? If you are curious, now’s your chance for a behind the scenes tour of four historic downtown Raleigh landmarks! The tours, sponsored by the Raleigh Historic Development Commission, will take place this Saturday, January 10, 3.00-5.00 pm. Read on for the details!

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Bicentennial Plaza and Legislative Building, Raleigh, North Carolina
by Raleigh Boy

Bicentennial Plaza_web

Flashback Friday gives you an aerial view of Bicentennial Plaza this week. So let’s take a peek at how the area transitioned from residential enclave to state government complex over the last 130 years — from the air.



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