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The Jackpot - 6

As Karl pointed out in the previous post about the green house attached to the Jackpot!, the building has been here since the 1950s. It was a strip club called Brite Spot in the ’60s and ’70s, with a bright neon sign with a red flashing ball out front. More recently it was Bourbon Street Bar, before becoming what it is today.

Today, the Jackpot! is easily one of the hippest clubs in Raleigh. Like The Rockford (same owner) there is no sign out front advertising the place.

The Jackpot - 3
Look closely at the image above to see the illustrations from Where The Wild Things Are

The Jackpot - 1

The Jackpot - 2

One of my favorite features of this place is what you won’t find -  televisions. It’s incredibly annoying trying to have a conversation with someone and their eyes keep darting towards the television because something is flashing or changing colors. It’s not uncommon to see persons at the bar reading a book, writing a story or poem, or just chatting up the bartenders. It’s a unique place that encourages contact with other people instead of just staring into the tube.

There’s a DJ selecting the tracks 7 days a week. The music selection varies by DJ, but you’ll hear everything from punk to current indie rock bands.

The Jackpot - 4
Jeramy has tended bar at the Jackpot! for 6 years. Prior to that, he worked at the Rockford for 8 years.

Almost every part of the wall space has something interesting to look at. From the incredibly diverse selection of masks on the walls to the interesting and often comical writing on the bathroom walls, you are always noticing something new that you didn’t see on your previous visit.

The Jackpot - 5
Walden writing down some notes

Having a set of pool tables is certainly not unique to the Jackpot!, but having a pinball machine is.

The Jackpot - 7

If you are looking for a fun place with great indie music and a unique crowd, the Jackpot! is the place to be. It is definitely a favorite of mine. You can find it at 1301 Hillsborough Street.

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