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The Court of Carolinas

It’s NC State week here at Goodnight, Raleigh! All week we’ll be showcasing photography from around campus.

This first entry is the Court of Carolinas. According to Wikipedia:

It is a large, mostly green quad on North Campus. It is surrounded by the 1911 Building Hall, Tompkins Hall , Caldwell Hall, Winston Hall, Poe Hall, Page Hall, and Leazar Hall. The west side of the Court is sloped upward along a hill that the 1911 Building is situated upon. It was once home to 100 trees (one for every county in North Carolina; thus the court’s name name), but damage caused by Hurricane Fran in 1996 reduced the number significantly, including the destruction of a particularly old and large tree which was some 12 feet in diameter. Some replanting has occurred, but the Court’s former appearance is far from being restored.

The Court of Carolinas is really beautiful place, with a diverse amount of life and greenery.

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