Goodnight Raleigh - a look at the art, architecture, history, and people of the city at night

The Return of the Neon Sign

There was a time when a large percentage of Downtown Raleigh businesses announced their presence with neon or an otherwise illuminated sign. This began to change in the late 1960s, as businesses fled downtown for the suburbs. Later, overzealous sign ordinances restricted the size and outlawed illumination, and the signs began to fade away.

Although Downtown has experienced a surge of growth and life in the past few years, it’s only within the past couple of months that the neon sign appeared poised for a comeback.

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Mecca: The Oldest and Best Breakfast in Town

Mecca Restaurant is known to many locals as the quintessential lunch spot and the oldest family-run restaurant in Raleigh (and probably in NC). I’m guessing there are many like me, though, that didn’t know until recently (or at all) that they also serve breakfast.

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Pac-Man on Fayetteville Street

The chase is never over. The new Fayetteville Street, NC’s main street, gives Pac-Man and the ghosts a few more obstacles to avoid.

Do you know how Mecca Restaurant got its name? The first person to respond with the correct answer wins this 5″ x 7″ print.