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It was 50 years ago today — And how I followed four days of history in the news


I was in Miss Perkins’ 7th period music class at Hugh Morson Junior High School on November 22, 1963, longing for the school day to end and the weekend to begin, when our principal, Mr. Proctor, announced over the PA system that President Kennedy had been shot. A few girls began to cry; a couple boys made derisive comments about the president; but I, as did most of my classmates that day, just sat there in stunned silence.

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This Saturday: Raleigh Historic Bike Ride


This Saturday, November 2nd, the RHDC and Raleigh Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Commission are hosting a bike ride and tour of Raleigh’s historic buildings. It is in part to promote RHDC’s new mobile app.

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Raleigh Home Movie Day — 2013


Do you have old home movies stashed away in your family vault? Ever wondered what’s on them, their condition, or how to take care of them? Then bring your family’s 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm home movies, VHS and Video8/Hi8 video tapes to the 11th annual Raleigh Home Movie Day, Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013. Just what might have been filmed by our parents with their old movie cameras back in the day?

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