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A Guest Home of Southern Charm, Raleigh, N.C.

This week for Flashback Friday we’re publishing six postcards depicting various ‘tourist homes’ which once lined US Route 1 (Wake Forest Rd./Person St.) through Raleigh. As Raleigh is about halfway between New York and Florida, our city became a popular overnight stop-over for the traveling public.

Mrs. L.H. McKinney, Hostess
Insulated — Steam Heat — Garage
Twelve blocks from Capitol
Telephone 2942
1209 Wake Forest Road (US 1) North Side
Raleigh, North Carolina

A ‘tourist home’ was what we would call a bed and breakfast today. Private homes were opened to travelers with bed and meals being provided. In 1926  U.S. Route 1 was established as the major north-south traffic artery through North Carolina. Soon afterward the growing popularity of the automobile in the 1930s and ’40s resulted in increased automobile traffic, foreshadowing the decline of train travel by the American public. By the early 1950s the classic American ‘motel’ had emerged on the scene, and soon virtually replaced the tourist home as the favored overnight stop-over for travelers.

Our featured postcard this week was mailed in 1939 by ‘Ma & Pa’ to family back home in Ottawa. Looks like they were headed to Jacksonville, Florida — a long, long way from Canada.

We arrived here this afternoon. had a lovely trip so far. weather just lovely. Bright and warm. leave for Jacksonville in morning. all well and feeling good. Ma & Pa

Below we present five additional postcards depicting other tourist homes along the Wake Forest Rd./Person St. corridor. All but one of these buildings are still standing today — and one of them, while not strictly a ‘tourist home’ these days, still takes in lodgers. Perhaps some of our Goodnight Raleigh readers might know which one that is.

Yellow Gables

Tour Inn

Tourist Rest

The Restover

Wooten’s Hometel

“Flashback Friday” is a weekly feature of Goodnight, Raleigh! in which we showcase vintage postcards depicting our historic capital city. We hope you enjoy this week-end treat!