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Goodbye, State University Station Post Office

After approximately 60 years in operation, the U.S. Post Office across the street from the state’s largest university is winding down operations. At the end of 2010, the doors will be shut for good.

Although post offices have been shuttered across the country in recent years, this closure seems odd, given its location (corner of Horne and Hillsborough Streets). It’s the only post office in close walking distance to NC State, which itself has the population of a small city: 30,000. I suppose students and nearby residents aren’t sending enough packages to make up for the decline in handwritten letters and cards.

The oldest PO Box holder (in terms of box age, not the holder’s age) dates back to 1954. It’s kind of sad that someone who has checked the same mailbox for so long can no longer do so, due to circumstances beyond their control.

The post office dates back to at least 1950. The previous location of the West Raleigh post office was on Post Office Street, now named Enterprise Street.

This Post Office didn’t get much business in recent years, as evidenced by a sole postal worker at the station and reduced operating hours. In contrast, the one in Cameron Village is always busy. Whatever the cause of disparity, I’m sad to see it go. In recent months I was in here a couple times a week shipping out City-Blox orders, and enjoyed the convenience and small-town feel of this local post office.

The station in Cameron Village isn’t that far, but it just doesn’t feel the same as State University Station.

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