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Live at the Pour House: The Rosebuds with Megafaun, and HNMTF

This past weekend was a memorable one for local music. The Pour house hosted back to back shows on Friday, the 8th, and Saturday, the 9th. Both sold out. The shows featured Raleigh’s own Rosebuds and Durham’s Megafaun with Lonnie Walker opening on Friday, and Hammer No More The Fingers on Saturday.

I was lucky enough to attend the show on Saturday and I’ve got to say, it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever experienced. Kicking off the night with a high-energy atmosphere was Hammer No More The Fingers, a bass, drum and guitar trio with attacking harmonies.

With the crowd still buzzing from the great performance put on by Hammer No More The Fingers, Megafaun took to the stage. With their various effects pedals and myriad instruments, they created their signature-controlled feedback mixed with lulling folk songs sound. We all stood in awe as they played back-and-forth with their zest for improvisation and obscure rhythms.

The final performers of the night were The Rosebuds. This married rock/pop duo dominated with their lively sing-a-longs, and kept the entire crowd dancing and singing for most of the set.

What I really enjoyed about the show was how Brad and Phil Cook, from Megafaun, joined in with The Rosebuds in collaboration to The Rosebud song to make this show even better!

The entire night culminated with an encore performance by The Rosebuds, and left me very satisfied. It was a night full of three great bands that make the triangle proud.

collaboration credit to: Philip Mancuso

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