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Flex and 120 Minutes of Music Deliver Again

Friday night Flex hosted Back To The 80s – a VJ/DJ Battle. As with Rave Til Dawn, both the production provided by 120 Minutes of Music and the staff at Flex provided a great party.

DJ REV-JYNXX, providing fantastic dance music.

The event was a great success. The music was classic 80s dance, and was good enough that I even danced quite a bit – sober, no less. In addition, the decorations were all out. There was a huge collection of 80s band t-shirts, enough so that I’m still unsure how many could even still be in existence. I’m still not sure if someone scoured thrift stores for several weeks, or if there’s some crazy 80s t-shirt collector at large.

The middle area, usually part of the dance floor, had several tables arranged on it, containing various paraphernalia from the era. This, combined with the presence of a prom style photographer (Spike, from, helped give it a really retro dance feel.

VJ130XE, seen here, provided great video work from different TV shows, cartoons, movies, and music videos of the decade which really helped highlight the music and add atmosphere. The party went on until a bit after 3. As always, I greatly appreciate it when a club is willing to let people enjoy themselves a bit longer, even after they can’t sell any more drinks.

There were a lot of people in great costumes. I personally tried to pull of a punk look, with limited success. Fortunately, as soon as I arrived, the New Romantic seen above came up to tell me how awesome my costume was. I think she pulled off the Madonna look quite well.

These Ghostbuster outfits were awesome.

Image credit: John Morris

Image credit: John Morris

Bones, from Boneland Productions worked with the event to help host an Atari 2600 Challenge. This guy here was one of the major players in the tournament.

Micah Moore, a local DJ who helped bring us Rave Till Dawn, and a pretty girl.

image credit: John Morris

image credit: John Morris

Some vagrant punk rocker standing next to an upstanding citizen

Myque, behaving suspiciously.

image credit: John Morris

image credit: John Morris

More of the ladies in Ghostbusters outfits


One of the bartenders. Whiskey and a mohawk; very awesome.

Another picture of Micah and associated girl.

Craziness on the dance floor

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