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Cycle Logic: A 35 Year Passion for Alternative Transportation

Located in an older business block next door to the Jackpot and the big abandoned green house is Cycle Logic, a bike shop that’s been in business on Hillsborough Street since 1974. Owned and operated by Ed Gaddy, it’s a no-frills type of place but has everything I’ve ever needed to stay riding.

Ed first opened up shop in a small house on the West end of Hillsborough Street, operating out of the living room:

The living room was the display area and the repair shop. Spare bedrooms were used for storage of repairs and new bikes. Yes I lived in the same house! People laughed when they saw us eating at the kitchen table.

Ed Gaddy

The house was later torn down, and Sub Conscious sits on the spot today.

Pictured above is Ed and his newest staff member, Margaret. Over the years he’s taught dozens the craft of repairing and maintaining bicycles.

One of the unique aspects of Cycle Logic is the manner in which repairs are made. On more than one occasion I’ve had difficulty installing a new derailleur or a set of pedals, and Ed has always been more than helpful– not only installation but in explaining how to do it properly (as well as why my failed methods weren’t working).

Above is Nik-Nik, the only employee with his own office (in the rear of the store).

In addition to selling such recognized brands as Raleigh, Fuji, and SE (above), Ed also custom fabricates fixed gear frames out of his home. He can also remove the dropouts from any existing frame and weld on horizontal ones, so any bike can be a fixie.

If you’ve ever stopped by the store, you may have noticed several pictures of gliders near the cash register. Since 1980 Ed’s had a passion for sailplaning, and has logged over 300k miles in the air. He’s a licensed instructor and can provide additional information on this alternative (and what I assume to be thrilling) form of transportation.

If you are a cyclist who rides around at night without lights, let me encourage you to pay this place a visit and buy these essential pieces of safety gear. At less than $10, there is no reason to continue endangering yourself and being a nuisance to other travelers on the road.

I’ve always been able to get whatever bicycle issues I’ve had resolved at Cycle Logic, and usually learn a bit in the process. Stop by sometime if you need a fly new ride, accessories, or a repair.

Cycle Logic

1211 Hillsborough St


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