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The Tractor on the NC Equipment Building: Outlook Bright

If you’ve been down by the west end of Hillsborough Street recently, chances are you’ve noticed the rennovations taking place at the former North Carolina Equipment Building. Lulu will be occupying the building in the first part of 2009.

The fate of the bulldozer (or is it a tractor?) has been hazy for the past year or so. Between city ordinances, the somewhat poor structural condition of the tractor, and other reasons, the future looked bleak and removal via blowtorch seemed to be the final fate of this Raleigh landmark.

While it isn’t completely certain at this point in time, it now appears that the sign may get to stay on as a permanent fixture of Lulu’s main office in Raleigh.

Pictured above is the building before rennovation

And a more recent view, with rennovations near completion

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