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Dancing and Celebration in the Streets

Once the news broke of Obama’s projected victory, those crowded in the Raleigh Times erupted in celebration and happiness.

Minutes later, the corner of Hargett and Wilmington Streets were filled with people dancing, clapping, and hugging one another. There were celebrations across other parts of downtown too.  Be sure to check out New Raleigh for more photos and coverage of people filling the streets upon hearing the news.

The man facing the camera was overcome with emotion at the news. He had the following to say to me and Jeremy (foreground):

Y’all don’t know what this is about. This is something else. I went to Vietnam and could not eat in a motherfucking restaurant. I was told “Sir, you can’t go in here”. I remember going to the Raleigh Sandwich Shop and having to go in the right door. In 1971 there were National Guard troops along all the streets.

The crowd at Two T’s.