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The Steam Tunnels of NCSU: Part 2

If you look closely at the top right corner of the photo above, you can see ‘mull’ spelled out and then cut off. This is a reference to Mullman who commented on the last post. He stated that it was left in 1989 or 1990.

Either “WWG” was carved into the door or it was spray painted on and subsequently scraped off.

Yes, Kilroy was there below the surface.

The metal plate on the left wall is a valve schedule.

“Beer Troll” is on the left wall.

I’d like to echo some of the comments in the previous article. If you somehow find your way down here, exercise a great amount of caution, with every step you take. There is good reason why it is incredibly difficult to find a way in – it is dangerous as all hell. Yes, steam is hot. 1,000 degrees hot. And many of the pipes are old. It’s almost painfully hot in some areas, and is very tight and cramped in others. Despite all of this, it was an interesting place to be. This marks the second and (for now) final post on this topic.

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