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Obama Bat Signal Appears [UPDATED]

The bat signal is a modified spotlight to project the iconic bat symbol into the sky or onto a building to contact and request the presence of Batman in the case of an emergency. The Obama signal above appears to indicate we are in an emergency and his assistance is needed to get us out of it.

(Thanks, Ginny for the tip)

UPDATE 10/23/08

The light is no longer shining on Exchange Plaza:

The Barack Obama “bat signal” is now pointing at the east side of the Masonic Temple. According to Mark Turner,

a Raleigh police sergeant wandered into my $WORK offices to ask if we were responsible for the Obama signal. He wasn’t surprised when I told him no, and said “everybody’s been denying it.” I got the impression he was dutifully going through the motions but given the million other things RPD has to do it wasn’t exactly his highest priority.

Do we really have the Raleigh Police Department out in search of the person broadcasting the bat signal? Is that really the best way our law enforcement resources can be allocated? Sheesh.

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