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Moore Square

One of two surviving four-acre parks from Raleigh’s original 1792 plan, the wooded square was originally surrounded by a residential neighborhood. During the latter part of the 19th century, Moore Square gradually transformed into a decidedly commercial district. Larger storefronts appeared on nearby Martin and Davie streets displaying wares of merchants, grocers and artisans.

Agricultural enterprises also took hold, drawn by the construction of the Mission style City Market in 1914. New bank buildings and the nearby City Auditorium further nurtured commercial activity. By the 1930’s, the area was fully part of the city’s business core. During the 1980’s, the neighborhood was transformed into the Moore Square Art District you see today.

Moore Square Art District

In the lower right you can see the Skyy Dogs By Joe van in the usual spot on Davie Street. This perspective also emphasizes the number of fluroscent lights in the park.

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