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A Night At Tir Na Nóg

The first thing that comes to mind about this place is the pronunciation of the name. I’ve heard three variations since living in Raleigh, and I’m sure there may be more. The variations are:

  • Teer-Nah-Noh (long “o”, silent “g”)
  • Teer-Nah-Nahg (short “o”)
  • Teer-Nah-Nogue (long “o”)

Even when a friend of mine tended bar here for a while and used the correct pronunciation in conversation, people still got it wrong. Even though there are ads on the radio, people still get it wrong. Now I must admit that I used the “Nahg” pronunciation for some time. Notice on the first picture how the o in “Nóg” has an accent over it. According to an Irish author enlightening readers, ó is pronounced ’o’ as in low.
So if you were using any of the other pronunciations, you now know the correct one.
And by the way, Tir Na Nóg is a great pub, definitely worth checking out any day of the week.

Caroline and Katie, two lovely bartenders