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North Carolina Medical Society

This Modernist structure is located across from the Governor’s Executive Mansion.

According to the History of the NCMS,

The North Carolina Medical Society first met in 1799. Through a charter from the North Carolina legislature, the Medical Society was formed as an incorporated body with the right to sue and be sued and the right to hold any property it may acquire. On
April 16, 1800, the North Carolina Medical Society met to elect its officers.
James Webb, MD (1774-1855), of Hillsborough, was a leading merchant, philanthropist, and physician in Orange County. Later in his career in 1822, Webb took the groundbreaking step of providing free smallpox vaccinations, and he also provided free care to poor white and black patients.
The leadership at the second meeting of the Medical Society developed a Board of Censors to determine who was fit to practice medicine, a step that laid the groundwork for the formation of the Board of Medical Examiners in 1859. North Carolina was the first state in the Union to enact such laws.
Annual meetings of the Society were held from 1799-1804. In 1804, members resolved to hold the next meeting in Chapel Hill on July 5, 1805; however, no such gathering is recorded thereafter until the formation of the Medical Society of the State of North Carolina in 1849.

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