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Sadlack’s Heroes

Sadlack’s Heroes is a bar/venue/sandwich joint on Hillsborough Street. Several months ago they did a complete renovation which was pretty much knocking down the previous building and rebuilding it in a similar fashion. It has plenty of outdoor seating.

Normally I don’t do sandwiches for dinner, but this place wins an exception every time. In my opinion, they have hands down THE BEST sandwich in Raleigh. I also don’t do fried foods, but their homemade chips (or fries) are so tasty that they are worth the unhealthiness that goes with fried items.

Pictured above are Rose (owner) and Mary (bartender)

The outdoor patio area

Steve and Stacy

The location is a favorite for me personally, as it’s about a 2 minute walk from my house. Additionally, the location provides a great bird’s eye view of the Bell Tower intersection of Hillsborough St. Perhaps the biggest reason I am such a fan of this place is that it is a dog-friendly establishment (outside, anyhow). I generally pass by this place when walking the pup, and it’s neat that often there will be a dog or two hanging out on the patio for mine to play with.

Kaci and my dog, Elsi

Kaci and a friend

A random congo line

This place is a Raleigh legend. If you haven’t been before, stop by and find out for yourself why it is.

Sadlack’s Heroes
2116 Hillsborough St

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