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Elvis Tribute at the Raleigh Little Theater

A lucky fan that got to go onstage and sing with Elvis

Debbie, Nina, and Robert outside of the performance on Friday night.

The past Friday I continued on in the same area as last week, the NCSU campus area of Hillsborough St.

Part of what I am trying to show people in this blog is the multitude of things going on in Raleigh’s night life. I usually just go to a random area and start taking pictures. For this photo series, I happened to hear what seemed to be a concert, but I wasn’t sure where it was coming from. I was walking down Clark Ave., close to the Cameron Village area.

I started sorting things out and guessed that it was something at the Raleigh Little Theater. As I approached, I quickly realized that it was a tribute to The King! Watching Keith Henderson perform Elvis songs was a real treat. Had I known this was happening, I would have brought a longer lens (better reach from far away) to capture the show.

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