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The (Sweet) Person Street Walking Tour

Corner of Jones and Person Streets

On the edge of where Oakwood brushes up against the various institutions of state government lies a beautiful and often overlooked part of Raleigh: North Person Street. The area is one of the oldest parts of the city, and likely has the most diverse array of Victorian architecture.

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Let’s Not Repeat Mistakes: Don’t Destroy the Municipal Building

(This is an opinion piece I submitted to New Raleigh as part of their discussion on whether or not the Municipal Building should be saved. Read their article for more viewpoints and discussion.)

In mid-March, the Raleigh City Council stalled on the resolution to replace the old Municipal Building with the new Clarence Lightner Public Safety Center. In the past few days, there has been a renewed push in exploring ways to overcome objecting Councillors’ concerns about the cost of the project.

The debates both for and against building the new Lightner Center had valid supporting arguments, but noticeably absent from the debate was the case for preserving the existing structure. That has changed in recent weeks, and I’m going to add my voice to the growing chorus of citizens calling for preservation rather than destruction.

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Another Overlooked Treasure: WRAL Studios

Much like Grosvenor Gardens on Hillsborough Street, the buildings and surrounding landscape of Capitol Broadcasting Company (WRAL/FOX50) are an overlooked but beautiful part of Raleigh.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to the Azalea Gardens that are a part of the property. A friend from back home was getting her bridal portraits made here (among other places), and I strolled about the area for the first time. I had visited the surrounding structures on more than one occasion (mostly admiring the architecture) but had never ventured to this hidden and beautiful flower garden.

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