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Wake County Court House, Raleigh, N.C.

This week on Flashback Friday we feature a ‘linen’ type postcard depicting the long-gone 1915 Wake County Courthouse on Fayetteville Street.

Wake County Court House, beautiful granite structure, built in 1915, cost $225,000. On the lawn, in front of Court House, stands the memorial to the volunteer nurse, Miss Eliza Riddick, who lost her life in influenza epidemic of 1918.

I am laying over here for four hours on my way to Florida. Will write you as soon as I arrive.
Love, Bud

In 1944, our correspondent, PFC ‘Bud’ Sprecher, 333rd Base HQ and Air Base Squadron, was stationed at Seymour Johnson Field, Goldsboro (now known as Seymour Johnson Air Force Base). During a brief layover in Raleigh, probably at Raleigh’s Union Bus Depot on Morgan St., Bud took a few moments to dash off this card to his parents back home in Maryland. A good kid; dutiful son. I’m curious, though, why Bud was headed to Florida — on leave, maybe; or perhaps there was another air force facility located there during WWII he was being sent to?

The courthouse building depicted was Wake County’s third to be built on the Fayetteville Street site. The boldly colonnaded Beaux Arts structure was designed by the renowned Atlanta architect Philip Thornton Marye and erected in 1915. The county demolished the aging building in 1967, and the current courthouse opened on the site in 1970. (Note: Mayre’s edifice was constructed of brick and cast terra cotta, not granite, as stated on the card.)

E. C. Kropp Co.   1907-1956
Milwaukee, WI

A publisher and printer that began producing chromolithographic souvenir cards and private mailing cards in 1898 under the name Kropp. These cards were of much higher quality than those that would printed under the E.C. Kropp name.

They became the E.C. Kropp Company in 1907 and produced large numbers of national view-cards and other subjects. Their latter linen cards had a noticeably fine grain. Sold to L.L. Cook in 1956 and they are now part of the GAF Corp. U.S.

“Flashback Friday” is a weekly feature of Goodnight, Raleigh! in which we showcase vintage postcards depicting our historic capital city. We hope you enjoy this week-end treat!

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