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Raleigh Municipal Elections 2011

On October 11th, Raleigh citizens will elect a new mayor, new council members, and vote on a housing bond as well as transportation bond. We recently gave an endorsement to both bonds, with special emphasis on the one for transportation.

Although this blog has taken a non-political stance in presenting the history and community of Raleigh, I’m going to briefly depart from that and give a strong endorsement to Nancy McFarlane for mayor. The issues that are important to our contributors here are transit, historic preservation, the revitalization of downtown, and the arts. These are all issues that Nancy supports, and has been a part of fostering for the past four years as a sitting city councillor. Although all three candidates boast impressive credentials, I and others here at Goodnight Raleigh believe Nancy is the best candidate to continue Raleigh’s great success achieved under the tenure of Charles Meeker.

You can read further endorsements for Nancy McFarlane from The Indy, The News & Observer, and New Raleigh. You can get a non-biased view of all candidates at UNC-TV’s NC Voter Guide.

Local government will likely affect your day to day life more than our national government will, and the results of the upcoming election will impact Raleigh for years to come.  Whomever you support for the next mayor or city council, I strongly encourage you to join me and vote on October 11th.

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