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The Raleigh Skyline (ca. 1960)


Raleigh’s skyline has changed a great deal since this photo was taken 50 years ago. Although four of the buildings seen in this view were demolished years ago, six of them are still standing today.

Raleigh, North Carolina
Skyline from Rhamkatte Road.

The postcard view of  downtown is from “Rhamkatte Road,” which was for decades the primary vantage point for photographing Raleigh’s skyline, much as South Saunders St. is today.

Photo courtesy Hughes Photography

I wonder if any of our readers know where the ‘Rhamkatte Road’ vantage point is in 2011? Extra points if you can identify the ten most prominent buildings seen in the 1960 skyline. 

This photochrome postcard was published by the Raleigh News Agency, and was printed by Tichnor Bros. of Boston.

Tichnor Brothers, Inc.   (1912-1987)
160 N. Washington Street, Boston and Cambridge, MA

A major publisher and printer of a wide variety of postcards types. Their view-cards were produced on a national level. They also produced a black & white series on the hurricane of 1938 in line block halftone.

Their photochomes went under the trade name Lusterchrome. They also produced an early Tichnor Gloss series in offset lithography that was so heavily retouched they floated somewhere between being artist drawn and being a photograph. The company was sold in 1987 to Paper Majic.

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