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Redress Raleigh 2010: Reaches New Heights

The second annual show of Redress Raleigh (John covered last year’s show) was hosted this past Saturday, April 17 at Flanders Gallery on West Street. 15 designers were chosen this year to showcase their creativity in fashion through eco-conscious clothing. John Morris and I attended and stood up close to enjoy this rising movement in local Raleigh fashion.

Designer: Payton-Alexis Brown

From the Redress Raleigh website:

The clothing selected for this show will have a strong emphasis on eco-friendly design. Eco-friendly can be in the form of recycled or remanufactured garments, as well as using eco-friendly fabrics and production processes. The focus of Redress Raleigh is to promote wearable eco-fashion, meaning fabrics and textiles that would be commonly found in clothing articles, rather than non-clothing items such as cardboard, paper, plastic, etc.

The three ladies responsible for the great success of this year’s show and co-founders of the Redress Raleigh movement are Beth Stewart, Jamie Powell, and Mor Aframian.

In the first annual show I got the chance to be a model for one of the designers in the show. I witnessed first hand being in the bustle and excitement last year through dealing with the venue change due to rain and sold out numbers! This year as a photographer and member of the audience, I got to say the designers and the whole show has raised the bar high. The beautiful gallery space of Flanders allotted for a great runway set up, and close-up experience of the clothing showcased for those that purchased chair tickets while keeping ample of view for the standing audience.

The designers included:

  • Margo Scott
  • River Takada-Capel
  • Jackie Almeter
  • Courtney Schaffer
  • Keira Flood
  • Lindsay Kay
  • Grace McFarland
  • Crystal Pickard
  • Allison Szatek
  • Rima L’Amir
  • Christy Michal
  • Brittany Erb & Katy Robb
  • Nicole Falchi & Daniella Wartner
  • Johanna Ely
  • Payton-Alexis Brown

The 15 designers chosen this year did a phenomenal job  focusing on the use of recycled fabrics and textiles while keeping a very ready-to-wear fashionable aspect in all of their designs. I will admit to say that most of these outfits I would love to wear and purchase!

Use of eco-friendly fabrics and textiles included bed sheets, house linens, vintage scarves, draperies, old wedding gowns and prom dresses from the 80s, old furniture fabrics, and hardware oddities in jewelry.

designer: Johanna Ely

Please visit the Redress Raleigh website for all other information about this movement, this year’s designers, and keeping up with events coming up for this amazing organization. Jamie, Mor, and Beth are working really hard to spread this local movement in Raleigh. Funds go towards great organizations which you can learn all about on the Redress Raleigh website. Keep a lookout for next year’s Redress Raleigh fashion show, I am sure it’s going to be just as good from this year if not even better.

Additional photos by John:

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