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The Most Beautiful Building Lights Up

At 8:45 Thursday night, a crowd gathered to see the most beautiful building in Raleigh have one side illuminated by thirteen hundred LEDs funded by Cree to create the most awe inspiring piece of public art to grace an urban area.

Fireworks kicked off the ceremony to create bursts of light from the ground to the sky.

A gaggle of pedacabs from the Raleigh Rickshaw Company were lined up to give onlookers a complimentary ride back to their vehicle or residence.

This was perhaps the largest gathering of journalists, photographers, bloggers, local elected officials, developers, real estate moguls, architects, and artists Raleigh has ever seen.

Pictured above is the most covered police officer on this blog, Officer Keen and fellow equestrian patrol agent, Officer Foster.

Two thumbs up go to Jedidiah Gant, Thomas Sayre, Steven Schuster, and everyone else at Clearscapes for creating something that Raleigh residents can truly be proud of. The Shimmer Wall is the cornerstone of Raleigh’s renaissance.

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