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WKNC DJ Spotlight: Ol’ River Haynes

Andrew Haynes, aka Ol’ River Haynes, is the host of the Hippie Hour on WKNC on Saturday afternoons from four until six. The show evades classfication of any one genre, and really can’t be defined by three or four of them. Judging by the name, it comes as no surpise that you may hear Phish or the Grateful Dead during a show. However, just as frequently you will hear electronica, old timey bluegrass, reggae, and southern rock.

GNR: How long have you been on WKNC and how long do you plan to stay on?

ORH: After taking classes and going through training, I had my first show on April 7th, 2007.  I plan on staying on until my presumptive graduation in May of ’09.

GNR: Do you plan on looking for a career in broadcasting or the music industry?

ORH: I have always been interested in various aspects of the music biz. In high school I wanted to do promotion, and I was going to start a company to do that. The idea was to get bands to go charity/benefit shows. It’s something I’m still interested in. I’m not very sure about DJing though. It’s really fun, but I can’t see myself working full time for 96 Rock or one of the other major radio stations.

GNR: What is your major and what do you plan on purusing after graduation?

ORH: I’m majoring in Environmental Technology with a focus on water and air quality. I’d like to see myself doing site evaluations, water testing, and other field operations for an environmental firm.

GNR: Do your sets tend to revolve around a particular theme (jam, reggae/dub, etc.) or is it a more random process?

ORH: I make my set list according to how I feel that day. Throughout the day after waking up, I have songs in my head that I’m in the mood to hear and think would fit with the rest of the songs in the show.  Sometimes a set will follow specific genre patterns. Part of this is a result finding the right transition from song to song. I wouldn’t put an electronica song next to a bluegrass song. In order to play a seamless set of music that blends well together, I get prepped for the show all day. I’m always at the studio early to sift through the new CDs I got in the mail.

GNR: What percentage of your show comes from requests?

ORH: I’d say about one third of all the songs played are from requests. Calling the station is usually the best way to get a request in. I always get bombarded by friends and family that call or text throughout the show.

GNR: Of all the interviews you’ve done on your show, which one was your favorite?

ORH: I would say that Warren Haynes (of Gov’t Mule, Allman Brothers Band) was the highlight of my entire DJ career.

GNR: Do you plan on staying in Raleigh after graduation?

ORH: There’s a good chance I’ll stay in the area after graduation. My goal would be to move to the mountains, but there doesn’t seem to be enough jobs available there that are in line with my career goals.

You can check out this and all shows on WKNC via the live stream.
Podcasts from the Hippie Hour on WKNC are available at

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