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White Collar Crime – Part 2





Of all the bars/clubs in Raleigh, the bartenders at White Collar Crime are definitely the most talented. I tended bar for more than two years, and I was no where close to where these folks are in terms of talent and experience. Even though every spot of the bar was filled with people, they don’t keep you waiting long for your next drink.
In addition to being extremely attentive, they are also skilled at flair, meaning they are good at juggling/balancing/flipping liquor bottles, bar tools, etc. during the course of preparing a cocktail for a guest. There aren’t many of these in Raleigh, but White Collar Crime has almost an entire staff skilled at this art.
The bartenders here are more than service workers tending guests, they are a performance that blended in seamlessly with the DJ and the crowd. While in sync with various buildups/breakdowns of dance tracks, they will throw a stack of napkins in to the air, or blow fireballs against the wall. It is really quite a performance.

319 W Davie St
Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 828-0055
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