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Raleigh’s Forgotten Painted Ads [Updated]

Side Street Cafe in Oakwood

The painted advertisement on the side of a building is a rapidly fading artifact of urban life, much in the same way that entryway mosaic is a disappearing commercial art form. There seem to be fewer remaining examples in Raleigh than in other similarly-sized cities, probably due to the historical propensity to demolish rather than renovate and recycle the buildings in the city’s core.

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New LEDs On The Pedestrian Bridge, But Why?

About two weeks ago, there was a ceremony celebrating the installation of some 120 LEDs on the pedestrian bridge that goes over the 440 beltline. Upon reading this from a remote location over the holidays, I was initially excited at this development. I was under the assumption that two things had happened:

1) The pedestrian bridge had a different appearance under the cover of darkness

2) There was no longer a locked fence barring entry to the Museum of Art side from the Meredith College side

As it turns out, both assumptions were incorrect.

A Regal Sentinel: Raleigh’s Thompson School

On the eastern fringe of downtown Raleigh an imposing Jacobean manor stands sentinel over the surrounding neighborhood. I am referring, of course, to the former Thompson School on East Hargett St. Although the school itself closed with the merger of the city and county public school systems in 1976, the building still bears a prominence in the community today as Wake County’s family services Thompson Center.

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